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Equipment - How To's

Lens Choice rating 4.0575   (40)  

There are so many different types of lenses, and you could easily lose yourself in that sea of choices and information. To help you out this article will give the general idea on differences between lenses and which lenses are the better choice in what situations.

Choosing A Camera rating 3.75   (4)  

A few times in my past I was asked “what camera to choose and what to look for in the camera”. I foresee more of such questions in my future, so to make our lives easier, here is the article that covers most of those choices and concerns. I hope it will help you with the choice, though it would definitely create more questions.

Wide Angle Lens rating 3.99873   (124)  

Here comes the time when I am going to talk about wide-angle lens. This lens is my favorite. I cannot say exactly why, but I can give you a few points that I like most in the lens. And those points are: stretching the perspective, making the object that closer to the lens look much bigger (in relation to all other objects), the lens allow you to fit a lot of things into the image and there is certain dynamics added by the lens to the image (it could be because of the distortions, which such lens inevitably bring to the photograph).

Equipment Review rating 2.16667   (3)  

It seems I was using my stuff for long enough, so I can write a few lines about how it works for me. I will add more sections to this article. Each section will be dedicated a certain piece of equipment that I owned and used. This article represents a purely subjective opinion and cannot be considered a review per see. I have to remind you that I don't care much about the hardware (those metal things), but the art is more important for me. Currently the review includes: camera Canon 1D Mark II and Tripod GITZO 2227 Explorer.