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Wedding Photography - Lessons Learned rating 4.43516   (127)  

After successfully finishing several wedding photography assignments I learned a few valuable things, which I am going to share in this article. Here you will find out what the guiding list of shots to consider while doing wedding photography and how to be better prepared to the wedding day. In addition to that I want to share some ways that helped me to produce better photographs and finally made my clients happy. This article though is more about photography techniques, not the business ones. And I should add that the article mostly regards to the photojournalistic style of the wedding photography, when the photographer is transparent and unobtrusive.

Wide Angle Lens rating 3.99873   (124)  

Here comes the time when I am going to talk about wide-angle lens. This lens is my favorite. I cannot say exactly why, but I can give you a few points that I like most in the lens. And those points are: stretching the perspective, making the object that closer to the lens look much bigger (in relation to all other objects), the lens allow you to fit a lot of things into the image and there is certain dynamics added by the lens to the image (it could be because of the distortions, which such lens inevitably bring to the photograph).

Color in Black & White rating 3.88611   (72)  

Some people asked me about my approach of getting color elements in black and white images. So in this article I am going to describe several approaches to do this and show the benefits and drawbacks of those.

Ultimate Makeup rating 4.2083   (60)  

When you create sellable portraits your goal is to create a flattering image of the client. Many things in such portrait depend on the lighting, pose and other factors, such as props or the environment. Though with some lighting techniques you can reduce or even disguise various imperfections (e.g. blemishes, disproportions and etc.), you can push the limit even further. In this article I want to describe what could be done in Photoshop in order to make the person younger and even add some tan and glow to the skin.

That Soft Look rating 3.32215   (56)  

Another question popped up. This time it was about the soft look you sometimes can see on my photographs. And, of course, it's one of many manipulations in Photoshop, which I am going to talk about in this article.

Graphics In Photography rating 3.67001   (55)  

In this article I want to tell about graphic elements in a photograph and how and what effect they bring. The composition of a photograph, as I see it, has most important meaning and effect on the final result and impression. The graphical elements are the bricks of the composition.

Basic Digital Darkroom rating 3.75384   (52)  

During our digital photography workflow we do various manipulations, some of them we do so often that we cannot even see the final photograph without them. And here I briefly describe manipulations I do most often in my digital darkroom.

Wedding Album - Part 1 rating 3.63352   (51)  

Currently I am trying to design a wedding album, which then I give to my clients (as their wedding photographer). And in this article I decided to share my ideas and thoughts about this topic. It seems there is not much of such information available. I hope this text will help some of you.

Basic Light Patterns rating 4.07882   (42)  

In this article I will provide use with some diagrams of light patterns and its brief descriptions. The intention of this article is to introduce these names and light setups, which you will encounter among photographers.

HDR with Smart Objects rating 3.5039   (41)  

The article could be easily called "Shoot once, Use it twice", because this article explains how to use a single RAW file to get most data out of it. Usually the dynamic range of the camera (or JPG file) doesn't allow capturing all the details in highlights or in shadows. But the RAW files have this information and a few steps would allow us to retrieve and use this information. That's why we are going to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) file using Smart Objects.